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Anna-Marie Finger

Ph.D. Molecular Biology

I am a molecular biologist with a track record in cell and chronobiology, as well as cancer research. I am fascinated by stromal cell/ECM units and how they create pro-tumorigenic niches that contribute to cancer progression and therapy resistance. My goal is to generate a better understanding of how spatiotemporal signaling events within the tumor microenvironment drive metastasis and how they can be targeted for therapy. I feel passionate about improving organoid technologies and promoting the newly evolving field of circadian medicine as I believe they will be key to advance drug target discovery and personalized therapy development. 

I am a highly motivated, hardworking, and organized individual who flourishes in positive and innovate environments. I enjoy teamwork and mentoring and have built my leadership and management skills through successful completion of my research projects, student supervision, organization of scientific events, and participation in respective training programs.

As former track and field athlete, I enjoy being active. I spend most of my free time outside but I also love a good read, movies, and hosting friends and family. 

Research Focus

Multicellular crosstalk, circadian rhythms, tumor microenvironment, cancer progression, organoids, stromal cells/fibroblasts, extracellular matrix, personalized medicine 

Contact Me

If you have questions about my research, would like collaborate or simply connect, feel free to reach out!

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University of California, SF

513 Parnassus Ave HSW 1330

San Francisco CA 94143

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